Findings Highlight Continued Construction Growth in 2013

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The country is pulling itself to its feet and enjoying an improved economic outlook, with the construction industry playing a key part. A few years ago construction in the UK practically ground to a halt, however recent findings from a survey conducted by the Construction Products Association has found that things are continuing to improve and the outlook is considerably brighter.

Members of the Civil Engineering Contractors Association, Federation of Master Builders, National Specialist Contractors Council, National Federation of Builders and a number of other leading industry organisations were surveyed and we at NMT Crane Hire thought it would be good to bring you a few of the positive results that came back.

Quick Fire Findings

• In Q3 of 2013, 43% of building contractors stated that their level of activity had risen, which is the second highest reported rise since 2007.
• Compared to the same period last year, private new housing was a main driver behind growth in the industry with 22% of contractors saying that activity in this area rose in Q3.
• New orders coming through to building contractors are at their highest level since 2007.
• 4% of building contractors surveyed stated that they had seen tender prices rise, and with these rising costs, 11% reported a fall in profit margins in Q3 of 2013.
• Following the findings which showed new orders at their highest level since 2007, the sector with the most positive results in this area was public non-housing, so education and health, which had a balance of 9%.
• With this increase in workload, 34% of building contractors stated that they had experienced difficulties recruiting bricklayers whilst 32% said they found it hard to find plasterers. These figures are at their highest since 2008.

It is clear from the quick fire figures we have highlighted above that the construction industry is growing once more, and here at NMT Crane Hire, we hope this continues over the coming months and well into 2014 too.

If you require any form of crane for a forthcoming construction project, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today and our team will discuss your requirements in greater detail before then supplying the most suitable crane to meet your needs.


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