Why you need a High Quality Crane Service

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Why you need a High Quality Crane Service
Given the level of wear and tear an industrial crane goes through every day, it is essential that, as a responsible firm, you undertake regular testing and servicing. At Muni-Serv, we have years of experience in the crane service and engineering industry and can provide you with a professional and reliable solution to your needs.

So what exactly are the benefits of using a high quality crane service?
Improves Safety
Every year, hundreds of people are injured in on-site accidents up and down the country, and as a responsible contractor, you will have safety at the forefront of your mind. Like with any equipment you use, it is vital to the wellbeing of your employees and all other personnel on site, that you carry out regular servicing of your cranes.

Financial Benefits
The question shouldn’t be whether you can afford a crane service; the real question is can you afford not to? It’s false economy to think that by avoiding paying out for a service you are saving money, as if you experience a serious breakdown you will end up paying far more for a repair or replacement, plus unforeseen production loss.

Why Muni-Serv?
We have developed a fantastic reputation through our dedication to providing a first-class service to our customers. If you visit our Case Studies page, you can view some of the clients we have worked for and how we were able to handle their needs successfully.
For more information on our crane servicing and repair, get in touch with our friendly team on 0844 880 1638 or alternatively you can send us your message via our online contact form.


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